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Types of Acrylic Spotify Glass

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, has become a popular material for its glass-like appearance, but with the added benefit of impact resistance. It also boasts of better load-bearing capacity than polycarbonate, which is one of the toughest materials you’ll find out there. Today, when shopping online, you will find various products made of acrylic, such as acrylic playlists and personalised acrylic photo frames. 

Besides the different colours you see on acrylic glass Spotify, do you sometimes wonder if there are different types of acrylic glass? If you have a product that requires the use of acrylic, it is best to find the best type of acrylic glass to use. 

Clear acrylic

This is the most common acrylic glass Spotify. The thickness varies, ranging from 1/25th of an inch to 4 inches. The particulars vary, depending on the purpose of the acrylic glass. For example, some personalised acrylic photos use thick acrylic to add depth to the image. 

White acrylic 

White acrylic is another popular type of acrylic glass, often used when an opaque material is necessary. White acrylic is commonly used for advertisement and outdoor signage because it does not reflect light.

Textured acrylic

Acrylic is not selected for its functionality alone but its aesthetic appeal as well. Textured acrylic is often favoured when privacy is a priority. This is why acrylic sheeting is used for partitions in the construction industry. Textured acrylic is also known for its strength and limited light penetration. 

Coloured acrylic

If you are looking for something more vibrant, you can choose coloured acrylic. There are at least 20 hues of coloured acrylic glass Spotify that you can choose from. Coloured acrylic is often chosen for its aesthetics. This is why display stands are often made of coloured acrylics. They also help to pop images on acrylic playlists.

Non-glare acrylic

Do you sometimes look at a personalised acrylic photo and see a glare? This is because it is placed in an area where light reflects on the acrylic glass. If you don’t want the light to dictate where you place your acrylic playlist, you can opt for non-glare acrylic sheeting. A special matte finish on acrylic helps to ensure one has an unobscured view of whatever is on display. 

Abrasion-resistant acrylic

Abrasion-resistant acrylic is double coated for additional strength. This acrylic is an excellent option for products that need additional protection. 

Impact modified acrylic

Acrylic is already a strong material, at least 17 times stronger than glass. However, if you are looking for acrylic that is as resistant as polycarbonate plastic, you should opt for impact-modified acrylic. Not only will you be getting a stronger material, but you will get a superior yet more affordable material. 

Lucite block acrylic 

If you intend to use LED lighting for a wedding or party sign, or any other signage, you should opt for Lucite block acrylic. This type of acrylic glass allows for the even distribution of light glow. 

Some types of acrylic glass are more common than others. However, it would be more suitable if you considered the purpose of the product when choosing the acrylic glass Spotify to use.