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Advantages of Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic printing has become quite popular in Singapore and indeed the rest of the world. Acrylic photo prints are trendy and the modern way of displaying photos and art. You have probably noticed that acrylic frames are replacing wooden frames in art displays in hotels, art galleries, museums, and homes. 

Before looking at the advantages of acrylic prints, it is best to understand acrylic photo print Singapore.

What are acrylic photo prints? 

Acrylic prints or acrylic photo prints are images that are protected within acrylic sheets. There are two types of acrylic printing services, face-mounted and direct-print. Face-mounted acrylic prints involve a process where images are printed on paper and then protected within the acrylic. Direct-print, on the other hand, is a process where images are printed directly on acrylic. 

The method you choose will depend on various factors. How deep are the colours of the image you need to print? Where do you intend to hang your custom acrylic photo prints? Direct-prints tend to have more intense colour but are not as durable as Face-mounted prints, whose colours are not so vivid. 

Despite the differences in the two types of acrylic printing services, acrylic printing Singapore has several advantages. 

They are unique

Although the popularity of custom acrylic photo prints has increased in recent years, one can’t help but marvel at the uniqueness of acrylic photos. Acrylic printing Singapore gives a different outlook to images because of the deep colours. 

You can also choose acrylic printing for some of your favourite pictures. Acrylic photos may be a great way to bring to life moments in your life, but they are also great decors for your home. 

They are durable

Acrylic photo prints will look as good as they do today, even after a few years. This is why many museums and art galleries are turning to acrylic printing Singapore. If you are tired of your photos looking old after a few months, you should consider acrylic printing.

The durability feature is also the reason more people are opting for custom acrylic photo prints as gifts. At least you can be sure that the person will appreciate the gift even after so many years because the acrylic prints will always look good. 

Besides the quality of images, the acrylic material is shatter-free, has UV protection, and is even scratch-resistant. You may need to request additional protection, such as a coating to protect against scratches. Some companies offering acrylic printing services include UV protection in acrylic printing, but it is best to ask to know what you are getting for the quotation you receive. 

You get more than photo prints.

What do you see when you see framed photos on a wall? Do you see moments or faces of the members of the family? Unfortunately, traditional photo prints were more about giving each family member a place in the home. They were a great way to have images of family members so that when they are gone, they are always remembered.

Acrylic adds value to such images. They are no longer just photos but art as well. Your wedding, birthday, or random photos will be preserved as art because your day will be captured as it was. The colours, the emotions, nature, and the people will all sync in the acrylic prints to remind you of the memorable moments in your life.