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Custom Acrylic Photo Frames vs. Ordinary Frames

Your photo collection is a significant part of your home and office décor. Of interest is not just the photo but the frame as well. The influence of frame finish, display style, and materials have made the selection of photo frames more complicated. Which one is more suitable? Are custom acrylic photo frames better than the traditional glass, metal, and wood frames? 

The acrylic photo has become a preferred choice for photo displays because it has a floating frame. This frame gives the impression that the photo is standing on its own. There are several reasons why custom acrylic picture frames are popular and slowly replacing traditional frames. 

The sole focus remains on the acrylic photo

The floating custom acrylic Singapore frame does not take away one’s attention from the image on display. This is why anyone observing an acrylic picture notices the vivid colours and picture depth. There are no visible boundaries to show where the photo ends, especially for edge-to-edge photos. 

This is unlike the standard frames, where the focus is on both the frame and the photo. For example, if you mismatch your wall photo display frames, a person looking at your photos will naturally be drawn to the frames and may even miss seeing some of your stunning photos.

3-D effect

Besides the sharp and vibrant images of acrylic photos, you can have a 3D effect irrespective of the thickness of the custom acrylic photo frames. This is why some sites that allow you to customize your acrylic picture request you to specify how thick you want the frame to be. The thicker the acrylic frames, the deeper the picture’s depth. This feature is lacking in all the other types of frames. 

Acrylic frames are the least fragile.

Should your custom acrylic picture frames fall while you are cleaning or changing their location, you need not worry because they are break-resistant. They also don’t scratch easily. This is unlike glass frames which break on impact. Wood frames, especially poorly done frames, tend to come apart at the joints after a few years. 

Acrylic photo frames cost more but are durable.

When comparing the price of the custom acrylic Singapore frames with the other photo frames in the market, the acrylic frame costs more. However, acrylic picture frames last longer than most of the other frames. So, you are likely to save more in the long run when you invest in an acrylic photo.

When you gift a loved one a custom acrylic photo frame, at least you will know the image will still look good decades later! This is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that anyone would cherish, so the cost, in this case, is relative. What may seem expensive to one person, is a worthwhile and affordable long-term investment for someone else.

Acrylic has great oxidation resistance.

Acrylic does not get discoloured when exposed to weather elements, such as rain, wind, or sunshine. This is why you have the freedom to place your acrylic photo wherever you wish, as long as it is safe from hot fluids, such as oil. 

Acrylic softens when exposed to temperatures above 180 degrees. This is how it is moulded into different shapes. Hot fluids may not reach these temperatures, but they are hot enough to damage the surface of the acrylic picture. Some of the other frames, such as metal, tend to change colour after some time due to oxidation. 

Undoubtedly, the custom acrylic photo frame has a lot going for it, compared to ordinary picture frames. If you want a change from the old way of displaying photos, you should give the acrylic photo a go. 

With the various options available for you to display your acrylic photos, such as block acrylic photos, acrylic stands, and wall hangings, you will not run out of ideas on how to make your space attractive.