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Sublimation Printing Mistakes You Should Avoid 

man wearing a lakers jersey
man wearing a lakers jersey

Why is Sublimation Printing So Popular?

Sublimation printing is one of the best printing techniques for garment printing. It is a popular choice for people interested in customising t-shirts and jerseys. It differs greatly from other printing methods because it is possible to use sublimation dyes on the entire garment. You can also use elaborate designs with many vibrant colours. 

Although sublimation printing is popular in Singapore, some mistakes are common, affecting the print outcome. For your sublimated jerseys to come out as well as you expect, you should avoid making these mistakes. 

Avoiding The Polyester Fabric

There is a reason polyester fabric is preferred over other materials. Fabrics, such as cotton and wool, do not easily hold sublimation dye during the heating process, resulting in poor quality sublimation prints. 

Polyester has greater absorption properties and is the best fabric for sublimated jerseys. Items, such as mugs and coasters, also require polyester coating for the print to hold. 

Using Poor Quality Images

For any sublimation print to be vibrant and eye-catching, the image should be of high resolution. Poor quality images will not stand out when printed on fabric. Even if great sublimation dye colours are used, the graphic design will be of poor quality, and it will be obvious. 

Overlooking The Drawbacks of Full Print Designs

Sublimation printing in Singapore is popular because one can easily work with a full print design. Additionally, multiple colours can be used at the same time during the printing process. Unfortunately, during dye sublimation, areas with creases, such as the armpit area, will have white marks. This should be expected. 

Another drawback is, it is difficult to achieve a perfect black colour. Garments undergoing sublimation printing can only absorb so much colour. Since the preferred fabric colour is white or other light colours, when black dye comes into contact with the light colour, the outcome is off-black. 

So, if you expect to see a perfect black in your sublimated jersey, you may be disappointed. 

Working With a Company With No Sublimation Expertise

When you order sublimation prints from a company providing this service, you need to be certain that you are working with professionals. While sublimated jerseys are fun to make, a specific process needs to be followed for the design to come out perfectly. 

Mistakes, such as ghosting, printing on the wrong side, and clouding are common yet avoidable. Instead of risking getting unattractive sublimation prints, it is best to seek sublimation printing companies in Singapore with satisfied customers. 

Failing To Explore Other Products 

When ordering sublimation prints, especially promotional items, many people limit themselves to sublimated jerseys and t-shirts. Unfortunately, this limits the number of merchandise you would have easily customised using sublimated dyes. 

Other products that would look great with sublimated prints include mugs and wrist bands. Having multiple products will give your clients more options, especially those who would rather have a wristband over a t-shirt. 

In Conclusion

Fortunately, all these mistakes are avoidable. Anticipating them and finding solutions is undoubtedly a great way to ensure you get the best out of sublimation printing. Ask your sublimation jerseys provider the mechanisms they have in place to avoid printing mistakes that may prove costly. You don’t want to lose valuable time and money over avoidable errors.  

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