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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Toilets

toilet in a clean white bathroom
toilet in a clean white bathroom

How To Avoid Making Bad Bathroom Decisions

Like with every purchase you make, a toilet can be a hit or miss. Unfortunately, the mistakes you make when buying a toilet can be quite costly. Some of the toilets in the market are not cheap. Plus, the logistics of removing a toilet that has already been fitted can be a nightmare. You don’t want to keep a toilet you don’t like because you cannot afford to replace it. 

These are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when buying toilets.

  1. Toilets whose parts are not readily available.
  2. Toilet with a slamming lid
  3. Toilets with loud flushes.
  4. Coloured toilet seats.
  5. Toilets that are too big for your bathroom.
  6. Toilets that are too high.
  7. Hard to clean toilets.

Toilets Whose Parts Are Not Readily Available.

When you see that unique toilet in the store, find out if the spare parts are readily available before buying it. It is counterproductive to go for a toilet that stands out, only to spend weeks searching for a spare part when it starts wearing out. 

Toilet With a Slamming Lead

You have probably never paid attention to the sound of the toilet lid hitting the toilet, but a loud one can be a nuisance at night. Slow drop toilet seats are a great substitute for the slamming lead. 

Toilets With Loud Flushes

Pressure-assisted toilets tend to be quite effective at flushing out solids. The pressure also prevents clogs and helps to keep the toilets clean. Unfortunately, all the good in these toilets come with a cost, loud flushes. This might seem a great trade for the high efficiency, but the loud flushes can be embarrassing. 

Coloured Toilet Seats

Have you ever wondered why coloured toilet bowls are usually few amongst many white bowls? Although most people prefer the standard white toilets, coloured seats tend to have many disadvantages. 

Coloured toilet bowls tend to limit your ability to redecorate your bathroom since the toilet is the focal point. Trends also change. A hot pink toilet bowl may be trendy today and outdated tomorrow. You can’t keep changing the toilet bowl to keep up with the trends.

Your toilet seat may also make it difficult for you to sell your house in the future. Most people expect a white toilet bowl. Your coloured toilet may put them off. 

Toilets That Are Too Big For Your Bathroom. 

In the store, large, elongated toilets look more attractive than the round ones. However, they are not usually practical, especially if you have a small bathroom. You may have trouble walking into your bathroom or even doing simple things like closing the door or opening cabinet doors. 

If the toilet keeps you from accessing important areas in your bathroom, it was a mistake to buy it. A toilet that is too large is also hard to clean, especially around the trapway. 

Toilets That Are Too High

It is natural to consider the disadvantaged when buying toilets with a comfortable height. If you have people in your home with bad backs or knees, comfort height toilets (17-19 inches) are ideal. However, if you have no special reason for buying the comfort height table, you are probably making a mistake. 

If you don’t have children but intend to start a family soon, how will the children manage to get up to seats that tall? You may have to get an elevated stand, but even then, adults would have to keep moving it out of the way when they need to use the toilet. Should they forget to put it back, your child will be calling you every time for help.

Hard To Clean Toilets

Toilets need to be cleaned regularly. This chore can be even more overwhelming than it already is if the toilet design makes your work harder. Two-piece toilets are harder to clean than one-piece toilets. 

Unfortunately, two-piece toilets are cheaper than one-piece toilets, so you will need to decide where the compromise lies. Would you rather spend less money on the toilet and more time cleaning the toilet, or would you prefer an easy-to-clean toilet at a higher price?

You can also save time by choosing toilets with a special coating that protects against mould and bacteria buildup. This coating also prevents waste from sticking to the toilet. 

Established toilet brands are available at a range of prices. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. Either way, you don’t want to throw money down the drain by getting an unsuitable toilet for your home. Whatever you pay for the toilet, you need to ensure you don’t make these mistakes because sometimes the cost is greater than the money you spend on the purchase.

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