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Why Vehicle Counters Are Indispensable Right Now?

The vast majority of people are unaware of the benefits that cities enjoy by employing vehicle counters at strategic locations in towns. Traffic counters are not just meant to analyse vehicular traffic like many people think, it provides valuable insights for the town planners when they want to improve the transportation infrastructure. Numerous cities and town have vastly benefitted from the data collected through traffic counters running round the clock.

If you are a city planner or a traffic company and are looking for a traffic counter, you should consider ATT Systems Traffic Counter System. This system tracks both vehicles and human traffic, provides real-time statistics, and can be portable or fixed. If you are looking for such a solution, you should check out ATT Systems site above.

In this article, we shall discuss why vehicle counters are indispensable right now.

To keep the tolls booths in top shape
Almost everyone would have passed through toll booths at least for a few times in their life. For many people, passing through toll booths is an everyday affair, unlike a few people who go through them only during long drives to distant places. Considering the amount of traffic toll booths cater to each day, it is imperative that they are adequately staffed and have the infrastructure to facilitate uninterrupted flow of traffic. Traffic counters help the government immensely in this regard. By employing traffic counters, governments can gain a clear understanding of the times of day or days in the year, when the toll booths experience a huge influx of vehicles. This way government can schedule maintenance of the roads and highways that the toll booths serve, such that people experience the least amount of inconvenience. Additionally, with the information of the kind of traffic the roads or highways experience, governments will be in a better position to predict the need for the next maintenance.

For car washes to function profitably
The weather plays an important role in the frequency with which people bring their cars to be cleaned in the car washes. It has been observed by experts that, people living in the tropical regions of the world where it is mostly sunny throughout the year, like to keep their cars clean as a whistle and hence visit the car washes more often. While people living in the temperate or colder regions of the world, often have to get rid of the salt deposits on the surface of their cars brought about by the snow, to keep corrosion at bay. And hence people in these colder regions visit car washes more frequently during the snowy months than the warmer months. Car washes can rely on traffic counters to assess the times in the year when they are more likely to have a greater number of customers. This knowledge will help them schedule the maintenance works of the car wash during the times when they are less likely to be busy. Also, they can temporarily increase the staff on hand, during the busier periods to minimise the wait times for the customers.