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Why Corporate Companies Should Customise their Ez Link Card Design

The first generation of the EZ-Link card was introduced in Singapore in 2001. Twenty years later, after undergoing several upgrades, the EZ-link card continues to be popular. While it was once only used for transit payments, the EZ Link card is today being used to make payments in restaurants, supermarkets, and various retail stores.

The convenience of not carrying cash has made the personalised ez link card a must-have in most homes and the corporate world. 

While the card’s functions remain the same, you can now change your ezlink card design to make it as attractive as you wish. Customising the ezlink card design is more than just about appearances for corporations.

Reward employees with an ezlink card


When employees are productive, they deserve to be appreciated. Corporations appreciate employees in different ways. Some companies reward employees with something they can use, like the customised ezlink card.

When the card bears the company’s logo, every time the employee uses it to pay for transit, shopping, or a meal, she will always remember it was a gift from the company. 

Its an awesome marketing tool

Customers love it when they receive promotional items that are meaningful. Some will even join competitions to won personalised ez link cards. If a corporate company is planning a marketing campaign, including a customised ezlink card is an awesome way to capture the target audience’s attention. 

Besides using personalised ez link cards for promotions, corporate companies can use them to appreciate customers on random days. For instance, the company can load the card with a small amount and give it to customers who visit their offices, as a way of saying thank you. It is a small gesture, but the customer could become the company’s brand ambassador. 

It is easy to identify a customised ezlink card.

One can easily identify a customised ezlink card bearing a company’s logo, brand name, or contacts even when it is amongst other cards. It will also be easy for it to be returned to the company should it be found amongst lost items. 

It makes an awesome end-of-year gift.

At the end of every year, corporate companies exchange gifts. It could be a gesture of goodwill for the new year or a way of thanking one another for the support in the year that is coming to an end. These gifts also cement the relationship between the different brands. 

Adding a customised ezlink card to the gift hamper is a great way of deviating from the norm. The recipient will always have the card to remember you by, at least until it runs out of funds. When the business associate pays for dinner with the customised ezlink card design, he will always remember which company paid for that meal. 

A customised ezlink card design has many uses and benefits for businesses. It doesn’t matter whether it is a large corporation or a small business. As a marketing tool, the personalised ez link card goes a long way. It is also a simple yet effective way of appreciating customers and employees.