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Magnetic Therapy Can Repel Pain and Lead To Healing

Magnetic Therapy Can Repel Pain and Lead To Healing

Magnetic therapy is a form of alternative medical practice, which uses unmoving or static magnets to reduce pain as well as other health-related issues. Therapeutic magnets are usually integrated into magnetic support devices like shoe inserts, rings, bracelets, and magnetic mattresses.

Several practitioners will tell you that the magnetic device has a small magnet inside it to help in increasing the blood flow in the body part where the device is used or worn. Subsequently, the increase in blood flow helps in healing the affected tissues faster.

Magnets can decrease pain

Waist support PIP Singapore not only produces a quick healing effect on injuries but is also used for alleviating pain. The result is obtained by the nerve endings being blocked so that pain signals do not reach the brain anymore.

The therapy is useful in injuries but is known to prove beneficial also for scar tissues. When magnets are placed on the area where a wound is getting healed, the affected tissues are believed to weave together so that they can resist tearing.

Only the negative or north current is used in the magnetic therapy. A person may feel discomfort with the south current. However, that does not imply that the South Pole does not have any power. Studies reveal that microorganisms such as germs and bacteria get strengthened by the positive or South Pole.

How can magnetic therapy repel pain and heal injuries?

Each cell in the human body produces electromagnetic currents and responds to them. While food gets processed within the cell, the activity is initiated. When the body decomposes substances such as sodium and calcium into charged particles, their movement creates an electromagnetic field. Thus, there is a continuous energy exchange occurring within the human body. Usually the aim of a therapeutic magnetic device is to help in removing blockages and restore the energy flow to speed up the healing process.

There is a change in the ion levels within an injured part of the body. It leads to an equilibrium loss in the electromagnetic field of that particular area. Whenever a therapeutic magnet is used, the movement of these ions becomes so fast that I generates heat leading to less rigidity of the capillary walls. The condition enables the saturation of the injured tissues by the flow of additional blood. As such, there are more nutrients and oxygen to feed the affected area. Eventually, there is a boost in the natural ability of the body to eliminate the toxins created by the inflammation.

In conclusion, magnet therapy might be seem as some as psuedo or fake science. Whether you believe it or not, it has been shown to work for some in pain relief. Until you try it, you never know if you could benefit from it.