Month: June 2021

Benefits of Choosing Wooden Photo Blocks

Photography has undergone several changes over the years. The changes are not only centred on how photos are taken but also on how they are displayed. Today, you can take high-quality photos using your smartphone. The smartphone camera is a big influence for most people when choosing the phone to buy. Personalised wooden photo blocks have also become a popular way of displaying photos in homes and offices. 

There are several benefits to choosing the personalised wooden photo block as your preferred mode of displaying your photo prints. 

Wood compliments different interior designs.

When choosing the ideal way to display your photos, it is important to consider the type of interior design in your home or office. Did you opt for a vintage, rustic finish, modern minimalism, or a bit of both? Some photo displays, such as acrylic photo blocks, look great in a modern home but may look out of place in a vintage interior. 

However, personalised photo print on wood looks great in different interiors. This is why wood remains a common photo frame in most homes. 

Wood frames look great with other types of photo frames.

When you have glass and acrylic photo frames, it is natural to worry about going against your current display for fear that a different frame will ruin your display. However, you need not worry about custom wood prints because they will enhance the appeal of the other frames. Instead of looking out of place, most wooden picture gifts look great when combined with other types of photo frames. 

Wood blocks come in different shapes.

You can add character to your photo display using personalised wooden photo blocks of different shapes. For example, you can get circular, triangular, square, oval, and rectangular wood photo prints. Some sites even customise wood blocks in the shape you want, such as an animal or a star. These variations make your wooden picture gifts attractive and unique. 

Wood blocks give a “raw” appeal.

Some photo displays look overdone, especially in a home where minimalism is cherished. If you want to feel like your photos represent your minimalist style, then you should go for personalised photo print on wood. The edge-to-edge photos give a perception of a photo that did not undergo a lot of processing. What you see is the photo in its original form. 

High-quality professional finish

Since wood is a natural product, professionals go out of their way to ensure the appeal of the wood is not washed away. Instead, they use the wood grains to enhance the appearance of the wood photo prints.

This is why the choice of wood matters in custom wood prints. How well the wood absorbs the ink and the impact of the stain on the photo matter when considering the best personalised wooden photo block. When done right, the outcome is stunning. 

Variation in sizes

Whether you want wooden picture gifts for the desk or larger prints for the wall, you will find the perfect personalised wooden photo block for the prints you have in mind. The different sizes also make it easier for you to choose the ideal custom wood prints depending on your budget. The larger the wood photo prints, the higher the price. 

If you are wondering whether you should use wooden photo blocks or regular photo frames, it is best to compare the benefits of each display. Personalised photo prints on wood will no doubt enhance the appeal of your home or office.  

Custom Acrylic Photo Frames vs. Ordinary Frames

Your photo collection is a significant part of your home and office décor. Of interest is not just the photo but the frame as well. The influence of frame finish, display style, and materials have made the selection of photo frames more complicated. Which one is more suitable? Are custom acrylic photo frames better than the traditional glass, metal, and wood frames? 

The acrylic photo has become a preferred choice for photo displays because it has a floating frame. This frame gives the impression that the photo is standing on its own. There are several reasons why custom acrylic picture frames are popular and slowly replacing traditional frames. 

The sole focus remains on the acrylic photo

The floating custom acrylic Singapore frame does not take away one’s attention from the image on display. This is why anyone observing an acrylic picture notices the vivid colours and picture depth. There are no visible boundaries to show where the photo ends, especially for edge-to-edge photos. 

This is unlike the standard frames, where the focus is on both the frame and the photo. For example, if you mismatch your wall photo display frames, a person looking at your photos will naturally be drawn to the frames and may even miss seeing some of your stunning photos.

3-D effect

Besides the sharp and vibrant images of acrylic photos, you can have a 3D effect irrespective of the thickness of the custom acrylic photo frames. This is why some sites that allow you to customize your acrylic picture request you to specify how thick you want the frame to be. The thicker the acrylic frames, the deeper the picture’s depth. This feature is lacking in all the other types of frames. 

Acrylic frames are the least fragile.

Should your custom acrylic picture frames fall while you are cleaning or changing their location, you need not worry because they are break-resistant. They also don’t scratch easily. This is unlike glass frames which break on impact. Wood frames, especially poorly done frames, tend to come apart at the joints after a few years. 

Acrylic photo frames cost more but are durable.

When comparing the price of the custom acrylic Singapore frames with the other photo frames in the market, the acrylic frame costs more. However, acrylic picture frames last longer than most of the other frames. So, you are likely to save more in the long run when you invest in an acrylic photo.

When you gift a loved one a custom acrylic photo frame, at least you will know the image will still look good decades later! This is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that anyone would cherish, so the cost, in this case, is relative. What may seem expensive to one person, is a worthwhile and affordable long-term investment for someone else.

Acrylic has great oxidation resistance.

Acrylic does not get discoloured when exposed to weather elements, such as rain, wind, or sunshine. This is why you have the freedom to place your acrylic photo wherever you wish, as long as it is safe from hot fluids, such as oil. 

Acrylic softens when exposed to temperatures above 180 degrees. This is how it is moulded into different shapes. Hot fluids may not reach these temperatures, but they are hot enough to damage the surface of the acrylic picture. Some of the other frames, such as metal, tend to change colour after some time due to oxidation. 

Undoubtedly, the custom acrylic photo frame has a lot going for it, compared to ordinary picture frames. If you want a change from the old way of displaying photos, you should give the acrylic photo a go. 

With the various options available for you to display your acrylic photos, such as block acrylic photos, acrylic stands, and wall hangings, you will not run out of ideas on how to make your space attractive. 

Types of Acrylic Spotify Glass

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, has become a popular material for its glass-like appearance, but with the added benefit of impact resistance. It also boasts of better load-bearing capacity than polycarbonate, which is one of the toughest materials you’ll find out there. Today, when shopping online, you will find various products made of acrylic, such as acrylic playlists and personalised acrylic photo frames. 

Besides the different colours you see on acrylic glass Spotify, do you sometimes wonder if there are different types of acrylic glass? If you have a product that requires the use of acrylic, it is best to find the best type of acrylic glass to use. 

Clear acrylic

This is the most common acrylic glass Spotify. The thickness varies, ranging from 1/25th of an inch to 4 inches. The particulars vary, depending on the purpose of the acrylic glass. For example, some personalised acrylic photos use thick acrylic to add depth to the image. 

White acrylic 

White acrylic is another popular type of acrylic glass, often used when an opaque material is necessary. White acrylic is commonly used for advertisement and outdoor signage because it does not reflect light.

Textured acrylic

Acrylic is not selected for its functionality alone but its aesthetic appeal as well. Textured acrylic is often favoured when privacy is a priority. This is why acrylic sheeting is used for partitions in the construction industry. Textured acrylic is also known for its strength and limited light penetration. 

Coloured acrylic

If you are looking for something more vibrant, you can choose coloured acrylic. There are at least 20 hues of coloured acrylic glass Spotify that you can choose from. Coloured acrylic is often chosen for its aesthetics. This is why display stands are often made of coloured acrylics. They also help to pop images on acrylic playlists.

Non-glare acrylic

Do you sometimes look at a personalised acrylic photo and see a glare? This is because it is placed in an area where light reflects on the acrylic glass. If you don’t want the light to dictate where you place your acrylic playlist, you can opt for non-glare acrylic sheeting. A special matte finish on acrylic helps to ensure one has an unobscured view of whatever is on display. 

Abrasion-resistant acrylic

Abrasion-resistant acrylic is double coated for additional strength. This acrylic is an excellent option for products that need additional protection. 

Impact modified acrylic

Acrylic is already a strong material, at least 17 times stronger than glass. However, if you are looking for acrylic that is as resistant as polycarbonate plastic, you should opt for impact-modified acrylic. Not only will you be getting a stronger material, but you will get a superior yet more affordable material. 

Lucite block acrylic 

If you intend to use LED lighting for a wedding or party sign, or any other signage, you should opt for Lucite block acrylic. This type of acrylic glass allows for the even distribution of light glow. 

Some types of acrylic glass are more common than others. However, it would be more suitable if you considered the purpose of the product when choosing the acrylic glass Spotify to use. 

Advantages of Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic printing has become quite popular in Singapore and indeed the rest of the world. Acrylic photo prints are trendy and the modern way of displaying photos and art. You have probably noticed that acrylic frames are replacing wooden frames in art displays in hotels, art galleries, museums, and homes. 

Before looking at the advantages of acrylic prints, it is best to understand acrylic photo print Singapore.

What are acrylic photo prints? 

Acrylic prints or acrylic photo prints are images that are protected within acrylic sheets. There are two types of acrylic printing services, face-mounted and direct-print. Face-mounted acrylic prints involve a process where images are printed on paper and then protected within the acrylic. Direct-print, on the other hand, is a process where images are printed directly on acrylic. 

The method you choose will depend on various factors. How deep are the colours of the image you need to print? Where do you intend to hang your custom acrylic photo prints? Direct-prints tend to have more intense colour but are not as durable as Face-mounted prints, whose colours are not so vivid. 

Despite the differences in the two types of acrylic printing services, acrylic printing Singapore has several advantages. 

They are unique

Although the popularity of custom acrylic photo prints has increased in recent years, one can’t help but marvel at the uniqueness of acrylic photos. Acrylic printing Singapore gives a different outlook to images because of the deep colours. 

You can also choose acrylic printing for some of your favourite pictures. Acrylic photos may be a great way to bring to life moments in your life, but they are also great decors for your home. 

They are durable

Acrylic photo prints will look as good as they do today, even after a few years. This is why many museums and art galleries are turning to acrylic printing Singapore. If you are tired of your photos looking old after a few months, you should consider acrylic printing.

The durability feature is also the reason more people are opting for custom acrylic photo prints as gifts. At least you can be sure that the person will appreciate the gift even after so many years because the acrylic prints will always look good. 

Besides the quality of images, the acrylic material is shatter-free, has UV protection, and is even scratch-resistant. You may need to request additional protection, such as a coating to protect against scratches. Some companies offering acrylic printing services include UV protection in acrylic printing, but it is best to ask to know what you are getting for the quotation you receive. 

You get more than photo prints.

What do you see when you see framed photos on a wall? Do you see moments or faces of the members of the family? Unfortunately, traditional photo prints were more about giving each family member a place in the home. They were a great way to have images of family members so that when they are gone, they are always remembered.

Acrylic adds value to such images. They are no longer just photos but art as well. Your wedding, birthday, or random photos will be preserved as art because your day will be captured as it was. The colours, the emotions, nature, and the people will all sync in the acrylic prints to remind you of the memorable moments in your life. 


Importance of Personalised Gifts in Relationships

Gifting is one way that loved ones show affection to one another. It is a reminder of the affection they feel for one another. This explains why some people are offended when friends or family forget their birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. Today, customised gifts have become even more meaningful in relationships. Buy customized gifts online.

Shows thoughtfulness towards a loved one

One cannot claim that you simply walked into a store and picked a gift at the last minute if you showed up with a personalised photo printing. Such gifts require time and effort. When you give customised gifts, you indirectly tell the person you took the time to choose the perfect photo to use for custom photo printing online. 

It also means you had the occasion in mind and thought of ordering customised gifts early enough. Your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Customised gifts are not always the most expensive or even the best gifts in the market, but they have more meaning, making them the perfect gifts. 

Customised gifts are great for people in long-distance relationships.

Relationships, where partners live in different countries, can be tough. Customised gifts are great for bringing loved ones closer. You can let your husband, wife, sister, brother, or even friend know that they are close to your heart, despite the distance, using personalised photo gifts.

This way, when they miss you or feel alone, they just have to look at the customised photo gifts to know they are loved. 

Personalised gifts are exclusive.

We all want to feel that the gift given to us is special. We want to feel that our relationship with a loved one is different from all the other relationships in his life. Sure, one can get a mug, bracelet, or any other gift for others.

However, if your customised gift comes with personalised photo printing, you know you are special. Going the extra mile is critical in relationships. Personalised photo gifts make it easier to make a loved one feel special. 

Customised gifts are great for every occasion.

You no longer have to spend weeks wondering what to get your wife for her birthday, your anniversary, valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, and any other special day in your life. Customised photo gifts have made gifting easier. You can now get pretty much any gift you wish to buy and have it personalised. 

Personalised photo gifts are also awesome for no occasion. No one will question why you are giving them a personalised photo printing on a day they don’t consider special because they are not celebrating anything. They will immediately see it as a thoughtful gesture and will be grateful for it. 

A constant reminder of one’s affection

You may not be able to give a loved one a gift often, but the one customised gift you gave them is enough to keep reminding them of your feelings. Customised photo gifts are not like other gifts which are considered special for an occasion. 

For example, someone is likely to keep saying that was their birthday or anniversary gift. Customised photo gifts are seen to be more sentimental and reflective of a loved one’s emotions. 

If you are yet to give your loved ones customised photo gifts, maybe it is time you did.

Personalised gifts never get old, neither do they lose meaning. You don’t even have to spend a lot on them. As long as you give the gifts with love, that is all that matters.